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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tiahrt's Fix for the Health-Care Crisis

From the home page of Kansas Representative, Todd Tiahrt, the congressman outlines his response to the health care crisis in the U.S. and Kansas:

"He [Tiahrt] also said health care costs must be addressed and suggested that the new Medicare prescription drug bill may provide a model for how to reform the rest of the system."

I think Toddly may be on to something here. . . If the health care system were to become as confusing as the Medicare Prescription drug plan, it would be so inaccessible that not even M.I.T. graduates will be able to figure out how to get in to see their doctors. Consumption of care goes down, which has to result in cost savings, right? Yeah, yeah . . . Toddly's got the ticket!


  • Collection of some Kansas Bloggers at Bloggin' Outloud. Thanks, Lyn


    By Blogger Lyn, at 10:41 PM  

  • I think Lyn has it a little wrong on his blog site, in that I am not sure I'm against a consumption tax that Tiahart advocates on his web site.

    The Libertarian types whom I've talked to who favor a consumption tax over a Federal tax, are those kind of people who would feel especially comfortable at a group hug around a campsite in Northern Idaho (a social situation replete with favorite assault weapon stories).

    But having said that, I am in favor of something that taxes consumption, maybe that makes some sense. The jury is still out for me.

    This is a real red herring issue; and Todd, I think, is taking advantage of it. He full well knows that he can advocate such a tax, and never fear that he might have to vote on such a thing. Politics as usual from Washington and "Tanker Todd" (Bush's nickname for our Representative.)

    By Blogger StevenEDavis, at 8:15 AM  

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