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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Maturity, Thy Name is Connie

Apparently State Bored of Education member, Connie Morris, has been troubled by recent conflicts among members of the Board and criticisms of the ever-so-qualified commissioner, Bob Corkins. Here is what the Eagle reports as her comments:

"Board member Connie Morris said she found the bickering between board members 'boring' and defended Corkins.
'I think it's sad what has been put out there and what has been said against him,' she said. 'It's sad and it's hurtful.'"

Read the rest here: http://www.kansas.com/mld/kansas/news/local/13411026.htm

The above article in the Wichita Eagle reports on an interesting strategy of the conservative majority of the board. Corkins appointed a subcommittee to study the issue of school choice. This subcommittee included 10 state school superindents. This was clearly a placating move to suggest that the Board wished to have input before proceeding with its vouchers agenda. The only problem is that the subcommittee is to report back a full month after the Board has scheduled itself to decide on the vouchers question. Regarding this bassackwards time schedule, Janet Waugh, D-Kansas City said:

"That's kind of inappropriate if we're going to go ahead and vote next month. Their [the above subcommittee] input would be beside the point."

So, Janet, do you have a problem with that? When Corkins and crew look to be compromising, you had better watch out.


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