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Friday, December 09, 2005

KS BOE Conservatives React to the Formation of KTRM

Go to the link below for the whole story:

http://www.cjonline.com/stories/120905/leg_conservatives.shtml (I believe registration is required).

Below is a cut & paste from the article summarizing the reactions of Steve Abrams and Connie Morris:

"To stand up for what's right for science? To stand up for education for all kids in Kansas? If that's extreme, I guess so," said an incredulous Steve Abrams, R-Arkansas City, who leads the six-member conservative majority on the state board.
"I don't have any use for people who call names," added Connie Morris, R-St. Francis. "I just don't think about them a lot. It's not an effective use of my time."

See the link below to Connie Morris's newsletter to see how opposed she is to expressing vitriol and name-calling:


"It's not an effective use of my time." I would like to open up a discussion of what would be a more effective use of Connie Morris's time than her current crusade against science and the 21st century in Kansas. My nominations for this more effective time-use are:

1. Milking cows on the farm/ranch back at good ole St. Francis; 2) Visiting Florida and staying at resort hotels on she and her hubby's dime; 3) Writing a follow-up to her tell-all autobiography, but this time she should see if she can leave out all the drugs and sex parts . . .

Well readers, these are my humble suggestions on how Connie could more effectively spend her time. Please add your suggestions.


  • Boy, this is really an excellent Blog!!! I have been LOL for a good part of the morning.

    My suggestion for Connie . . .
    She should start her own non-profit to help educate children born in Mexico, but now living in KS.

    Naw, I doubt if she would do that one!

    By Blogger Stacie, at 11:26 AM  

  • Oh, I guess this is the place where I am supposed to say, "Thanks Honey!"

    You are right, that Connie has some strong feelings about illegal aliens. I wonder how well that is selling out in small town Kansas? I fear maybe better than we would like to believe.

    Thanks, again.

    By Blogger StevenEDavis, at 11:31 AM  

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