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Thursday, December 08, 2005

KansasInfo Welcome


This is the first post for KansasInfoQuartermaster, a Kansas News and Opinion Blog. There is a lot of stuff going on in the ole Sunflower state and I wanted to mention a couple of things that caught my eye in today's news.

A big story is that the democratic wing of the Kansas Repbulican party is organizing. From today's Lawrence Journal World:

"The Kansas Traditional Republican Majority [KTMR - www.ktmr.org] said it would try to steer the GOP away from 'the politics of hate and intolerance' and toward a more moderate agenda, chairman Andy Wollen said."

I don't know about calling themselves the "Majority" -- it seems like when goups do that they are on the defensive from the get-go. Recall the "Moral Majority", the "Silent Majority", etc. . .
it's like they are saying "well, maybe we don't do much, but there are more of us than you guys."
I think the likes of Mark Gietzen will be able to rest pretty easily and if these guys get too troublesome, Gietzen can always rise up and smite them.

Use the following link for the LJWorld story:

The second topic is the great website Kansasmorons.com. The owner of that website has chosen to remain anonymous. I was visiting Kansas Meadowlark in my limited research on the KTMR executive director, Ryan Wright. That sneaky old Kansas Meadowlark had done a "Whois" and found that some member of KTMR had done some website work for Morrison, the long-time Republican who turned Democrat to run against Phill Kline. Meadowlark was not chirping happily about that little find. But anyway, I thought I ought to do a Whois search to see if I could tell who was behind Kansasmorons.com. I was not able to find out anything. I wouldn't have told you if I had. But I recommend a visit to Kansasmorons.com. It is hysterical!

Well gotta go & see ya later.


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