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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How Mirecki Could Best Help The Cause

The Mirecki situation continues to get stranger, just when I thought it couldn’t. He has now hired a lawyer claiming that he was forced out of his Department Head position, and that his rights to free speech and academic freedoms were infringed upon. KU disagrees with his claims. Go to the following for an LJWorld.com story.


Unfortunately, the conservative activist who publicized the unfortunate Mirecki e-mails to a listserve has also gotten a lot of attention by way of this debacle. We will not mention his name here, not to elevate him to a Voldemort stature, but as a way of framing his utter insignificance.

In today’s Wichita Eagle, Deborah A. Gordon, an associate professor of the Center for Women’s Studies at Wichita State University suggests:

“If I was Mirecki, I could think of a number of scholarly articles I’d write to turn my grief and wasted time into grist for a scholarly mill.”

I completely agree with Gordon, Mirecki should use his strengths to deal with his attackers. He could better protect himself and useful scholarship would be an added benefit. As Dr. Gordon says:

“Oh, please, Paul. Write the book.”



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